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ModernCoinMart is pleased to feature its exclusive brand of custom Silver Bullion, minted by Idaho's Sunshine Minting, Inc (SMI). The American made Silver Bullion is designed by MCM's very own Charles Daughtrey and offers the highest level of quality available.

Recognized throughout the numismatic community for his outstanding designs and extensive industry knowledge, Charles Daughtrey brings a unique passion and caliber of excellence to MCM Brand Silver Bullion design.

Sunshine Minting, Inc. a leading domestic and global supplier of precious metal and base metal minted products, dedicated to delivering unprecedented craftsmanship and quality, produces MCM Brand Silver Bullion. Sunshine Minting, Inc. is one of the most recognized and highly regarded makers of silver and gold bullion products. The company is renowned for its high quality, and is an official supplier of silver coin planchets to the United States Mint.

Cast in .999 pure silver, MCM Brand Silver Bullion Bars are made by pouring hot, molten precious metals (silver) into a mold and letting it cool into a hardened bar, or ingot. Each bar is unique by the nature of how they are made giving each piece unique character.

A stable, substantial and fundamentally liquid asset, Silver Bullion provides an accessible and affordable way to enhance any portfolio. Made in the USA by skilled craftsmen, MCM Brand Silver Bullion offers buyers a top level of both confidence and quality assurance.

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