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In addition to the extensive range of U.S. and world silver bullion coins that MCM carries, we also offer other types of bullion products for the silver stacker.

These include silver bars and silver rounds in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of every silver stacker. These products come from the world's leading government and private mints such as the Royal Canadian and Perth Mints, PAMP, Valcambi, Sunshine Minting, and many others. And we also have our own line of MCM-brand silver bullion products. All of these bullion items are fully guaranteed to be genuine and contain the exact amount of silver indicated on the products at the stated purity level. And all are offered at our highly competitive prices and always come with free shipping.

In terms of silver bars, you can purchase whatever type and size bars suit your needs whether it is 1, 5, or 10 oz. bars, or 100-gram divisible Valcambi Combi-bars (which offers great flexibility) for the smaller investor. Or if you are looking for a bigger quantity, there are kilo and 100 oz. bars from the finest silver producing companies.

These bars each offer something a little different whether it is the security of a Royal Canadian Mint bar with a unique serial number and assay card with matching number, or the beautiful design of PAMP's artistic bars, or the finely-crafted and U.S.-made sealed Prospector bars, among many others. Virtually all are made of either .999 or .9999 fine silver.

In terms of silver rounds, you also have many choices. Most rounds are made of 1 troy oz. of .999 or finer silver. Rounds look like coins but were not made by a government mint and are not legal tender. Popular rounds include those that show the designs that appear on the Buffalo nickel and others that use the designs of classic U.S. coins. A newer type of silver round is those which are collected specifically for their unique designs like coins and carry a premium over their silver content such as Elemetal's ultra high relief silver Privateer, Mermaid Siren, and American Landmarks rounds. More of these impressive two-ounce rounds with amazing depth of relief are coming in the future because of the popularity of the first issues.

Then there is the MCM brand of U.S.-made silver bullion products, which have a star on each round or bar and are made to exact quality, quantity and purity standards, which is .999 fine for our silver bullion. These items are made by Sunshine Minting, the highly regarded silver producer known for its quality products that also makes silver planchets for the U.S. Mint. These custom made bullion products are designed by Chuck Daughtrey, MCM's in-house coin and round designer.

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