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Tuvalu Silver Coins

Tuvalu is a Polynesian Island in the Pacific Island located midway between Australia and Hawaii. The Perth Mint in Western Australia produces some very interesting silver proof collector coins on behalf of Tuvalu that enable this small country that is part of the British Commonwealth to gain revenue from the licensing of its name.

The obverse of Tuvalu coins always features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverses feature depictions of various themes and subject matters.

Tuvalu coins include two MCM exclusive series that feature reverse designs that were produced by MCM artist Chuck Daughtrey, the Florida Panthers and Designers of American Coins series.  These coins are issued in limited numbers and sport great designs.

The popular and colorful Star Trek coin series that debuted in early 2015 is issued under the authority of Tuvalu, as is the hugely successful Gods and Goddesses of Olympus series of antique silver, high relief coins with striking, modern renditions of ancient Greek gods. 

And other series minted by Perth for Tuvalu include the Deadly and Dangerous series of colorized coins, the Ships that Never Sailed, and Alice in Wonderland series, among others.

MCM carries most of these coins, and they are sold either certified or also in original government packaging.

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