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New Zealand Silver Coins

While New Zealand is known for its exceptionally beautiful collectible silver coins, it doesn't have its own national mint.  The country's base metal circulating coinage – from the 10 cent Maori, the 50 cent barque Endeavor commanded by Captain Cook, to the signature $1 Kiwi – is actually outsourced to international mints in Australia, Britain and Canada by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

But for pure silver legal tender proof and specimen coins, world collectors can choose from the wide selection issued by the New Zealand Post in Whanganui or the New Zealand Mint in Auckland.

Internationally recognized for its attention to detail and design excellence, the New Zealand Mint is the country's only precious metal mint, producing commemorative coins, bullion and medallions for more than four decades. Not only does this private mint create distinctive designs for its home country, but currently strikes 99.9% pure silver legal tender coins for the island nations of Fiji, the Cook Islands and Niue.

Whether you're searching for popular colorized designs featuring officially-licensed Disney Princesses, Star Wars characters, Chinese Lunar calendar coins, or hard-to-find releases of pure silver coins celebrating New Zealand's unique culture and wildlife, you're sure to find exactly what your collection needs right here!

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