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Cook Islands Silver Coins


Silver Coins From The Cook Islands are known for their wide range of beautiful and unique designs made for collectors on all kinds of themes from the World of Parrots and Nano Life to the Chinese Lunar calendar. These are high quality, low mintage issues.

Tokelau Silver Coins


Tokelau Silver Coins include both bullion coins and a diverse array of numismatic issues, including especially the extensive range of Chinese Lunar issues produced by Treasures of Oz for Tokelau as well as many other coins.

Palau Silver Coins


Palau Silver Collector Coins are made by other mints on behalf of Palau, offering a wide range of beautiful legal tender coins. Commonly used mints include Coin Invest Trust and the Mint of Poland. These coins include series like Treasures of the World, Mineral Art, a high-relief Lunar series, and many others.

Burundi Silver Coins


Burundi joined the group of countries that issues collector and investor coins in 2015 with the African Lion Series, which includes bullion coins and proof versions aimed at numismatic buyers.

Tuvalu Silver Coins


Silver Tuvalu Collector Coins are made by the Perth Mint and include a diverse array of beautiful, low mintage issues. Some of the best known are the Star Trek series and the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus and the MCM exclusive series, Designers of American Coins.

Other World Silver Coins


MCM is your best source for collectible silver coins from Countries All Over The World. The company goes to great lengths to secure a vast range of coins to suit virtually every interest and taste and offers them at highly competitive prices with free shipping.

Niue Silver Coins


Niue Island Silver Coin issues are aimed at the connoisseur of modern world coins. These coins are produced for Niue by the New Zealand Mint such as the Disney Princess, Avengers, and Star Wars Classics series, and other coins are made by the Mint of Poland like the Imperial Art, Winter Palace, and Chinese Lunar year coins.