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Queen's Beast Silver Coins

Introduced by the Royal Mint in 2016, the Queen’s Beasts coin series has quickly grown to be one of the most collected releases. As one of the world’s most respected Mints, the Royal Mint took time to create truly something regal when designing both the obverse and reverse of this ten coin series. Released at a rate of two per year, the Queen’s Beasts silver coin series commemorates the ten heraldic British statues that were created in 1953 to honor the newly-appointed Queen Elizabeth II.

All Queen's Beast Silver Coins

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Modeled after the original statues that were created years before, under the reign of King Henry VIII, the statues served to protect and honor the young queen. Each coin in the Queen’s Beasts will feature: The Lion of England, The Griffin of Edward III, The White Greyhound of Richmond, The Yale of Beaufort, The Red Dragon of Wales, The White Horse of Hanover, The White Lion of Mortimer, The Unicorn of Scotland, The Black Bull of Clarence or The Falcon of the Plantagenets on its reverse.

As Queen Elizabeth continues her impressive reign as the longest ruling British monarch, she is appropriately honored on the obverse of each Queen’s Beast Silver Coin.

Queen’s Beast Silver Bullion Coins

The Queen’s Beasts Silver Bullion series features coins that were expertly struck using .9999 fine silver and are available as ¼ oz., 1 oz., 2 oz., and 5 oz. coins. The first silver Queen’s Beasts coins in the series were issued alongside their gold counterparts.

Queen’s Beast Proof Silver Coins

After the series proved to be successful for the Royal Mint, collectors were introduced to the first-ever Queen’s Beasts Proof Silver Coins in 2017. With each release embodying the popular aspects of a proof coin, thousands of collectors wasted no time adding the Queen’s Beasts series to their collections.