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Chinese Silver Lunar Coins

Silver Chinese Lunar Coins are available at ModernCoinMart (MCM) for the current year, as well as a small selection of backdates. These coins will be available certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), with special lunar year labels. From monkeys to dragons, MCM has you covered on your collection of Chinese Silver Lunar Coins

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2021 China Year of the Ox 30 g Silver Lunar Colorized Proof ¥10 Coin NGC PF70 UC FR
Price: $199.00
As low as: $193.13

Chinese Silver Lunar Series

Silver Lunar Coins are struck all over the world, from a number of very prestigious World Mints. Many collectors love the idea of collecting Silver coins commemorating the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, and all of the animals and themes associated with them. Of all of these Lunar Coins, however, what can be more authentic then coins produced in China itself?

The Lunar Coin Series began back in 1981 as a new commemorative coin series from the China Mint. Struck in both silver and gold, this new series was the first of all the Lunar Coin Series struck today. They serve as a way to commemorate the ancient tradition of the Chinese lunar calendar through coins featuring the 12 animals representing the 12 months in the lunar cycle.

Despite this being a series of coins commemorating ancient China, it features a number of beautiful modern finishes. As well, along with the standard circular coin, fan-shaped coins have been issued sharing the same design. The China Mint has done good work on minting a wide selection of silver Lunar Coins every year, and each one is struck with impeccable quality out of .999 fine silver.