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Are Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins Popular?


With the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin being comparable to its American counterpart, the silver content is much higher than the Silver Eagle, as well as its nominal face value of $5CAD being higher than the Silver Eagle’s $1USD. In fact, no other Canadian coin has matched the international acclaim of this impeccably crafted legal tender, and every year, the Maple Leaf is an anticipated annual release by both collectors and precious metal stackers alike!

Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin Design


As one of the world's finest, pure silver coins and the official silver bullion coin of Canada, the obverse design of every Silver Maple Leaf has always included the portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the official Head of State of Canada as a member of the British Commonwealth. On the reverse is an intricate depiction of the coin's famous namesake – the symbol of Canada and its citizens for nearly three hundred years, from its presence on the distinctive red and white flag, to many of its circulating coins. In fact, from 1876 to 1901, the maple leaf was front and center on ALL Canadian coins, including every Canadian penny until the minted ended in 2012.

2022 Canada $20 1-oz Silver Maple Leaf Ultra High Relief Coin2022 Canada $20 1-oz Silver Maple Leaf Ultra High Relief Coin

History of the Silver Maple Leaf Coins


First issued in 1988 by the government of Canada, the $5 Silver Maple Leaf has been produced for more than three decades by The Royal Canadian Mint, one of the most technologically sophisticated mints in the world.  Each year, the Mint makes minor changes to this iconic series, from the issuance of proof releases and commemorative versions, to privy marks and holographic enhancements.


Silver Maple Leaf Early Years


The Silver Maple Leaf series debuted with a mintage of 1,062,000 in 1988 which was considered a decent number at a time as precious metals weren’t as popular. With instant popularity, the appealing design led to much higher sales in 1989 (3,332,200) and 1990 (1,708,800) before a 15-year slump in demand pointed mintages towards a downward trajectory.


Despite this, the popularity of the Silver Maple Leaf coins continued to grow and remains one of the most popular coins within the bullion market.


While the Silver Maple Leaf's reverse design of the Canadian Maple Leaf has remained unchanged since 1988, the obverse displays the profile of Elizabeth II that has had three subsequent versions from Arnold Machin, Dora de Pédery-Hunt, and Susanna Blunt.


Collecting Silver Maple Leaf Coins


Collecting Silver Maple Leaf coins is a competitive endeavor due to the popularity of the iconic coins. Due to the fact that they are issued from the Royal Canadian Mint, collectors know that their Silver Maple Leafs are extremely reliable when it comes to both quality and purity. These coins are not only protected by their status as legal tender, but also feature a “MintShield” coating, which is the first proven, proprietary solution for reducing white spots on silver bullion. Silver Maple Leaf Coins are also universally recognized anywhere in the world.


To top this all off, modern Silver Maple Leaf coins are equipped with three anti-counterfeit features: a textured maple leaf, micro-engraved with laser technology, radial lines, and a bullion DNA database exclusively used by the Royal Canadian Mint, all of which make it easier to spot fakes in the market.


How Can You Tell if a Silver Maple Leaf Coin Is Real?


In recent years, the Canadian Mint has introduced new security features to its bullion collection and has the highest standards of anti-counterfeiting protection. Its products can be easily authenticated by authorized dealers that use a new device created by the mint based on bullion DNA (digital non-destructive activation) technology. 

Every die used to produce Silver Maple Leaf coins is laser micro-engraved with an anti-counterfeiting security mark: a textured maple leaf, capturing images encrypted with a string of codes which is stored in the Mint’s secure database. Using a specialized device, approved Bullion DNA dealers can easily verify the authenticity of registered Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins.


Purchasing Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins From ModernCoinMart


We at ModernCoinMart take great pride in our customer service and expertise when it comes to numismatics and collectibles. As an official dealer of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins, rest assured that both the integrity of the quality and satisfaction are guaranteed, and we verify each coin we offer to collectors.