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Silver Koalas are available at MCM in a variety of packaging. Raw coins are protected from the moment they are struck at the Mint by plastic capsules that fit snuggly around them. MCM also sends many Silver Koalas to be graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). The high standards practiced at the Perth Mint during minting and the added protection of Mint capsules results in the Silver Koalas achieving very high grades from these 3rd party grading companies.

Unique designs every year, special collector strikes, various sizes, certification from 3rd party grading companies, and even exclusive labels only available at ModernCoinMart ensures the ease of selecting the high-quality coins collectors want. Shop our selection below to see what we have, and consider adding the popular Silver Koala to your collection today.

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2022-P Australia 1 oz Silver Koala $1 Coin NGC MS70 FR Opera House Label
As low as: $77.59
Price: $79.95
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Roll of 20 - 2022-P Australia 1 oz Silver Koala $1 Coins GEM BU
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2022-P Australia 1 oz Silver Koala $1 Coin GEM BU

Australia is known to be the home for many highly-recognizable mammals including the Koala. This small, grey, bear-like creature takes shelter in the trees and has an insatiable appetite for eucalyptus leaves. In 2007, Australia immortalized this curious, yet widely-loved creature in a brilliant, pure silver bullion coin.

Each Silver Koala bullion coin struck is another accomplishment of the Perth Mint. Like the Silver Kookaburra, these coins carry fine designs which change annually. Exceptional designs, legal tender Australian face value, and very fine .999 silver composition make the Silver Koala an excellent choice among stackers and collectors all over the world.

Although attractive in its standard 1 oz. silver bullion coin size, Silver Koalas are also available in the much larger Kilo size. These massive, silver kilo coins carry the same design as their 1 oz. counterparts, but with added detail to compensate for the change of dimensions. Proof Silver Koalas are available in even more size options. 5 oz., 10 oz., and 1 Kilo sizes of Proof Silver Koalas are all struck by the Perth Mint and sold at ModernCoinMart (MCM).