Silver Seeker
MCM Ambassador
We are proud to introduce our newest ambassador, Silver Seeker! This numismatist and silver stacker has a dynamic YouTube channel showcasing numismatic topics and precious metals!
Because of Silver Seeker's passion for this industry and his creative content, we are proud to call Silver Seeker an MCM Ambassador!
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2021 Niue Mosaic - Salvador Dali High Relief 2 oz Silver Colorized Antiqued $2 Coin GEM BU OGP
Price: $295.00
As low as: $286.30
2021 Cook Islands Fighting Fish Ultra High Relief 1 oz Silver Colorized Proof $5 Coin GEM Proof OGP
Price: $149.00
As low as: $144.60
2022 Niue The Matrix - Neo 1 oz Silver Colorized Proof $2 Coin OGP
Price: $119.00
As low as: $115.49
2021 Niue DC Comics - The Flash Emblem Shaped 1 oz Silver Colorized Proof $2 Coin GEM Proof OGP
Price: $109.00
As low as: $105.78

Get to Know Silver Seeker

  1. What got you into the hobby of coin collecting?
  2. " My Father was into Coin Collecting and Silver Stacking from the time I was a little kid. Being around him going through his coins, going to Coin Shows and Coin Club meetings with him all the time really built a lifelong love of the hobby."
  3. What came first, numismatics or stacking silver?
  4. " Numismatics definitely came first with me. I first fell in love with the Seated Liberty design (Dollars, Half Dollars, Dime... didn't matter). Silver Stacking came a little bit later for me, but is definitely a passion of mine. I Love the beautiful designs that are created with Silver... even more so than Gold. To me it's the most beautiful metal there is."
  5. Tell us more about your Coin Roll Hunting Livestreams. What are they about?
  6. " Coin Roll Hunting Live is a blast! While there are many times you don't find anything... when you do, it's an amazing feeling. I've gone through almost 1.4 Million Half Dollars just during live streams and we've found Thousands of Silver Coins, Proof and Foreign Coins, U.S. Commemorative (Including Classic Silver Commemoratives such as the Columbus Half Dollars), Barber Half Dollars and more! Finding something like a Barber or a Classic Commemorative for example is almost euphoric, and it's awesome to be able to share that experience with the community."
  7. What is it like receiving so many views on your YouTube videos?
  8. " Overwhelming at first, especially when I started receiving tons of comments on my videos and emails. I also run a Discord server for the YouTube Coin and Silver Stacking community where I get tons of messages and chat with members of the community about all sorts of different things! "
  9. Do you have a favorite coin or coin series?
    "I think I said it already, but it's easily Seated Liberty Silver Dollars and Half Dollars. I fell in love with that design as a kid and my love for them hasn't changed in all these years! "
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