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(2020) United States Presidential Medal Andrew Jackson 1 oz Silver Matte Medal NGC GEM Uncirculated ER
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Silver Presidential Peace Medal featuring Andrew Jackson

Silver Presidential Peace Medal featuring Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson “Old Hickory” was the Seventh President of the United States. Today, he is likely mostly recognized as the President featured on the $20 bill. He was the founder of the Democratic Party in 1825. He was so closely associated with the Democratic Party that his campaign mascot, the “jackass” (a beast with a legendary stubborn streak) became the symbol of the Democrats and remains such to this day. He is remembered for his bruising defeat of the British in the War of 1812’s Battle of New Orleans. He held the Military Governorship of Florida after it was ceded to the United States by Spain. He was also a Senator from Tennessee.

He was known as a proponent for and supporter of the common man and his individual liberties. Many remember that he was the first President of the United States to invite the public to his inauguration.

Bullion enthusiasts, supporters of hard money and critics of central banks will recall that Jackson opposed and dismantled the Second Bank of the United States. Interestingly, he was also the subject of the first assassination attempt of a sitting United States President.

This issue is not without its ironies though. Jackson is the President who is widely remembered as the signer of Indian Removal Act of 1830 which resulted in Native Americans forced relocation from their native areas.

The Andrew Jackson Peace Medal Design

The obverse of the medal depicts Andrew Jackson with the inscriptions “Andres JACKSON,” “PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES,” and “A.D. 1817.”

The reverse shared on all of the Presidential Silver Medal series depicts a handshake with the crossed Peace Pipe and the Tomahawk overhead. The hands are symbols of the United States and the Native American Nations. The inscription “PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP” appears prominently in the design.

The medals in the series are struck to order on 1 oz. .999 pure silver blacnks measuring 1.6 inches across.

Presidential Medal Background

The U.S. Mint began issuing the Silver Presidential Medal Series in 2018. Interestingly, the mintages on these medals have fallen with each subsequent issue in the series, so far. This may be setting up some interesting opportunities for Numismatic collectors if the trend continues.

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