Home World Coins Set Of 9 - Weimar Germany Inflationary Notes C.1923

Set of 9 - Weimar Germany Inflationary Notes c.1923

Set of 9 - Weimar Germany Inflationary Notes c.1923
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Why add this set of nine c. 1923 Weimar Germany Inflationary Notes to your collection?

The period of German history following the conclusion of the First World War from 1919-1933 was called the Weimar Republic, named for the city of Weimar, where the national assembly met to draft a new constitution in 1919. Hoping to stimulate the suffering post-war economy of the Republic, the government ordered increased production of banknotes in 1922. The already suffering economy was worsened in 1923 with the onset of hyperinflation, as even more banknotes were printed to subsidize striking workers in the French and Belgian occupied Ruhr mining region. With the economy flooded with banknotes, the value of the notes dropped drastically, leading to rapid price increases in goods. A loaf of bread that cost 1/4 of a Reichsmark in 1918 reached a price of 80 billion Reichsmarks by November 1923.

The Inflationary Notes

The Weimar government's economically weakened state was unable to repair prices of goods or the devaluation of its currency, so its response was to issue even more paper money with increased denominations. The largest note was known to have a face value of 100 trillion Reichsmarks! This set includes four different one million mark notes, a two million mark note, a ten million mark note, two notes with a denomination of fifty million marks, and one with a face value of one hundred million marks.

Add this set of nine c. 1923 Inflationary Notes from the historic period of Weimar Republic hyperinflation to your collection today!

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