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Set of 25 - Weimar Germany Notgeld Notes c.1920s

Set of 25 - Weimar Germany Notgeld Notes c.1920s
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Why add this set of 25 Notgeld Notes of 1920s Weimar Germany to your collection?

Following the German defeat in the First World War, the Weimar Republic (German state) fell into economic crisis with an alarming rate of inflation due in part to the to the loss of pre-war industrial exports and the loss of raw materials and food supplies. By 1922, Germany was unable to pay reparations as required by the Treaty of Versailles, forcing French and Belgian troops to take control of the Republic's mining and manufacturing industries of the Ruhr Valley. In turn, the Republic encouraged a general strike by the of the Ruhr miners, to be subsidized by the government. A period of hyperinflation followed, as the Republic's solution to paying the striking workers was to overprint an incredible amount of notes.

The Notgeld Notes

This set of Notgeld Notes produced in the early 1920s is a beautiful collection of just a few of the notes printed as a response to the hyperinflation of Weimar Germany. The Notgeld is a type of currency issued during a time of economic or political crisis, the term literally meaning "emergency money," or "necessity money" in German. The twenty-five notes in this set are varied in denomination and origination, as many banks, industrial firms and towns were inclined to produce their own promissory notes in reaction to the crisis. The non-government sanctioned Notgeld notes were mutually accepted within localized regions.

Add this historic set of Weimar Germany Notgeld Notes to your collection today!

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