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Set of 12 - Weimar Germany Inflationary Notes c.1920s

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Set of 12 - Weimar Germany Inflationary Notes c.1920s

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Why add this set of twelve Inflationary Notes printed in 1920s Weimar Germany to your collection?

The Weimar Republic is the name of the German state during the period of 1919 through 1933, designated for the city of Weimar, where the national assembly had convened to create a new constitution. After the devastation of the First World War, the nation was suffering from rapidly increasing inflation. The government thought to stabilize and stimulate the economy by increasing the amount of banknotes in circulation. By 1923, the Republic was in an economic state of hyperinflation, as printing of banknotes not backed by gold had reached unsustainable levels; Germany's gold standard had been eliminated during the war and not yet restored. As the banknotes flooded the economy, their value decreased, resulting in increases in prices and wages. The Republic responded to the continuing crisis by printing even more banknotes with increasingly higher denominations.

Set of High Denomination Banknotes

This incredible set of twelve banknotes traces a year of the Weimar Republic's period of hyperinflation, ranging from a 1,000 mark note printed in September 1922 to a note with a face value of 500,000,000 marks printed in September 1923.

Album with Certificate of Authenticity

The twelve Weimar Germany Inflationary Notes of the 1920s are presented in an attractive album titled "Marks of Catastrophe," which includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the American Numismatic Association.

Add this remarkable album of 1920s Weimar Germany Inflationary Notes to your collection! Purchase this years' worth of German history from MCM today!

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