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Seleucid Kingdom, Silver Drachm of Alexander I (152-145 BC) - obv. Bust/rv. Apollo on Omphalus NGC Ch. AU

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Seleucid Kingdom, Silver Drachm of Alexander I (152-145 BC) - obv. Bust/rv. Apollo on Omphalus NGC Ch. AU

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Why purchase a Silver Drachm of Alexander Balas for your collection?

Alexander Balas was a devious ruler of the Seleucid Kingdom. Using mercenaries, he was able to overthrow the previous ruler, Demetrius Soter. He even managed to convince not only Ptolemy I of Egypt, but also the Roman Senate that he was the heir to the throne of Seleucid. He was finally betrayed by Ptolemy I and his own son, and after escaping, was killed by a Nabataean prince.

What does the coin's imagery mean?

The Seleucids political rulers claimed a strong relationship with the Greek god Apollo, as evidenced by the appearance of the divinity on the Kingdom's coinage. Omphalus imagery further symbolizes their claim to divinity; the stone was believed serve as a means to communicate directly with the gods. The reverse of this silver Drachm features Apollo with bow and arrow, seated on the powerful Omphalus, with inscriptions "King Alexander, Beneficent son of a God". The crowned profile of Alexander I is featured on the obverse.

Professionally graded by NGC.

This silver Tetradrachm is graded Choice About Uncirculated. Having a comparable Sheldon Scale equivalent of 55-58, this specimen will exhibit full details with light wear on the highest surfaces. This specimen has been graded by a leading coin authentication service, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

This beautiful silver Seleucid Drachm is preserved in great condition and will be a divine part of your ancients collection. Purchase from MCM today.

Year of Issue:152-145 BC
Mint:Ancient Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch. AU
Weight in Grams:17.14 g
Country:Seleucid Kingdom
Legal Tender:Seleucid Kingdom