Home World Coins 1905 Russia 3 Rubles Banknote - The Great Bolshevik Bank Heist Of 1907 (Presentation Portfolio With COA)

1905 Russia 3 Rubles Banknote - The Great Bolshevik Bank Heist of 1907 (Presentation Portfolio with COA)

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1905 Russia 3 Rubles Banknote - The Great Bolshevik Bank Heist of 1907 (Presentation Portfolio with COA)

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Why own a Russian 3 Rubles banknote from the era of the Great Bolshevik Bank Heist of 1907?

The 1907 Great Bolshevik Bank Heist, one of the most famous bank robberies in world history, occurred in the city of Tiflis (now the Georgian capital of Tbilisi). A three Rubles banknote, similar to this one printed in 1902 and still in Very Fine condition, would have been one of the few redeemable bank notes from the ill-fated heist.

Bank heist that fueled a revolution

The radical Bolsheviks were part of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, the predecessor to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The bank heist was the brainchild of several high-ranking members of the Bolshevik Party, most notably Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, to covertly fund their revolutionary efforts to overthrow Tsar Nicholas II. Instead of robbing a highly guarded bank building, the Bolsheviks planned the attack during the transfer of funds between the post office and the Tiflis branch of the State Bank of the Russian Empire. A massacre ensued, leaving 40 people dead and 50 more injured.

Despite the astronomical amount of cash captured by the Bolsheviks, nearly $3,500,000 in today's dollars, most of the money was unusable due to the large denominations of many bills. Even more troubling for the Bolsheviks, the police had access to the serial numbers of the large bills making them easy to trace if redeemed. Only small denominations, like the Three Rubles banknote, were able to be used.

Your own Three Rubles banknote in Very Fine condition

This Three Rubles banknote from the Bolshevik Heist era was printed in 1902 and bears the Guaranteed Genuine circulated currency designation. Russia is one of the few countries in the world to print a banknote in this unusual denomination. Your banknote is part of the popular Banknotes of History Genuine World Currency collection and arrives with an assigned Certificate of Authenticity and a detailed account of the heist. It's the perfect gift for history buffs and coin collectors alike.

Add this genuine Three Rubles banknote to your collection today!

Year of Issue:1905
Grading Service:Uncertified
Legal Tender:Russia