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Romano-Gallic Empire, Billon Double Denarius of Victorinus (AD 269-271) NGC XF - South Petherton Hoard

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Romano-Gallic Empire, Billon Double Denarius of Victorinus (AD 269-271) NGC XF - South Petherton Hoard

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Romano-Gallic Empire, Billon Double Denarius of Victorinus (AD 269-271) NGC XF - South Petherton Hoard is not currently available for purchase.

Why Buy This XF Romano-Gallic Empire Double Denarius of Victorinus from the South Petherton Hoard?

The Romano-Gallic Empire was founded in 260 AD. However, this empire was short-lived, it only lasted until 274. The Double Denarius offered here was issued by the Romano-Gallic Empire during the time of Victorinus. Instead of silver, this ancient coin is actually made of an alloy known as billon. The exact mix of billon can vary, but it is an alloy made mostly of copper and typically includes a small amount of precious metals. What really separates this specimen from others like it is the fact that it came from the South Petherton Hoard. This hoard of over 7,000 ancient coins was found in Great Britain in 2013.

Ancient Portrait of Victorinus

Like many other ancient coins, the obverse of this one depicts the Emperor. In this case, that's Victorinus. His rule only lasted from 269 to 271. He is depicted with a tall crown on this coin.

Some letters can be seen on the reverse. This side of the coin shows a standing figure.


When this specimen was submitted to the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), it was awarded the grade of Extremely Fine (XF). While this coin does display visible wear, many of its original details are still present.

Order this NGC XF Romano-Gallic Empire 269-271 AD Double Denarius of Victorinus while you have the chance.

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Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Designation:South Petherton Hoard
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