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Romano-Gallic Empire, Billon Double Denarius of Posthumus (AD 260-269) NGC XF - South Petherton Hoard

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Romano-Gallic Empire, Billon Double Denarius of Posthumus (AD 260-269) NGC XF - South Petherton Hoard
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Why Choose This XF Romano-Gallic Empire Double Denarius of Postumus from the South Petherton Hoard?

This ancient coin was issued by the Romano-Gallic Empire. The empire only lasted from 260-274 AD. This particular coin is a Double Denarius. It's made of an alloy called billon, which is mostly copper. The exact composition of billon can vary, some mixes contain precious metals. This coin is from the time of Postumus. He was the first Emperor of the Romano-Gallic Empire, his rule lasted from 260 to 269 AD. This specimen also happens to be from the South Petherton Hoard. The South Petherton Hoard was found in Great Britain in 2013, it contained thousands of ancient coins.

Emperor Postumus

A portrait of Emperor Postumus is displayed on the obverse. A ring of inscriptions can be seen near the edge of the design. Postumus is pictured facing the right while wearing a spiky crown.

Inscriptions can be found on the reverse as well. The central portion of the design shows a standing figure holding several objects.

XF from NGC

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation was chosen to grade this specimen. After it was carefully examined, it was given the grade of Extremely Fine (XF).

Order while you have the chance, this NGC XF 260-269 AD Romano-Gallic Empire Postumus Double Denarius could be a part of your collection.

Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Designation:South Petherton Hoard
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