Home More Roman Republic, Silver Quinarius (Anonymous, After C.211 BC) - Obv. Roma/rv. Dioscuri On Horseback NGC Ch. MS (Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5)

Roman Republic, Silver Quinarius (Anonymous, after c.211 BC) - obv. Roma/rv. Dioscuri on Horseback NGC Ch. MS (Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5)

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Roman Republic, Silver Quinarius (Anonymous, after c.211 BC) - obv. Roma/rv. Dioscuri on Horseback NGC Ch. MS (Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5)
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Why add this Silver Quinarius from the Roman Republic to your ancient coin collection?

With the victory in Sicily at the Siege of Syracuse (214-212 BC), the Roman Republic acquired a great quantity of silver. From that cache, the Denarius was born in 211 B.C., becoming the main silver coin of Rome for the next four centuries. Following the popularity of the Denarius, fractional versions of the coin were developed and struck, including this Quinarius, having a value of one-half denarius.

Classic Roman Republic Imagery

The image of Roma, right facing and wearing a winged helmet appears on the obverse, surrounded by a beaded border, and inscribed with "V" representing the coin's denomination. The Roman god Mercury, the god of commerce and financial gain, is symbolized by Roma's winged helmet. The Dioscuri, twins Castor and Pollus of Roman mythology, are illustrated on the reverse with "ROMA" in exergue. The twins are depicted on horseback, capes fluttering behind them with stars above, a reference to their assistance to Rome at the battle of Lake Regillus.

Highest Ancient Coin Grade for Strike and Surface

This ancient Silver Quinarius is a stunning example of Roman Republic coinage struck after 211 BC. The coin is graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) to be Choice Mint State, comparable to a Sheldon Scale rating of 63-64, with additional grading of 5/5 for strike and surface characteristics.

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Year of Issue:211 BC
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch. MS
Weight in Grams:2.24 g
Country:Roman Republic
Legal Tender:Roman Republic