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Home Tags Ancient Biblical Coins! Roman Province Of Judaea, Bronze Prutah Of Pontius Pilate (AD 26-36) - Money Of The Bible - NGC VG (Christ Label)

Roman Province of Judaea, Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate (AD 26-36) - Money of the Bible - NGC VG (Christ Label)

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Roman Province of Judaea, Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate (AD 26-36) - Money of the Bible - NGC VG (Christ Label)

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Why add this ancient Judean Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate to your collection?

The Bronze Prutahs of Pontius Pilate were struck in Jerusalem for just a few years, from AD 29-31, coinciding with the time frame of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, circa AD 30. Pilate was the 5th Roman Procurator of Judaea, governor of the province from AD 26-36 AD, historically recognized for his role in the persecution of Christ.

Ancient Roman Symbolism

The image of a pagan Roman lituus framed by the Greek inscription "TIBEPIOY KAICAPOC," meaning "Of Tiberius Emperor," is depicted on the obverse. The lituus is a cult instrument, in the shape of a long bent staff, used in ancient Roman religious rituals to mark a space in the sky called a templum.

The reverse features a wreath of laurel surrounding Greek text at the center representing the date of issue.

NGC Graded Judean Bronze Coin

The ancient coin experts at the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, NGC Ancients, reviewed this Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate and found it to be in Very Good (VG) condition. The coin will have moderate to considerable wear due to heavy circulation. Expect design details of this coin, struck AD 29-31, to be flattened with only slight detail remaining. The coin is enclosed in an NGC holder accompanied by a certification label adorned with a sepia-toned image of Jesus Christ.

Add this artifact from a cataclysmic period of Biblical history to your collection! Purchase this specially labeled Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate from MCM today!

Year of Issue:AD 26-36
Grading Service:NGC
Label/Signature:Christ Label