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Roman Province of Judaea, Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate (AD 26-36) - Money of the Bible - NGC F (Christ Label)

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Roman Province of Judaea, Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate (AD 26-36) - Money of the Bible - NGC F (Christ Label)

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Why add this Money of the Bible ancient bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate to your collection?

Under Roman Imperial rule of Emperor Tiberius, the province of Judaea was governed by Procurator Pontius Pilate from AD 26-36. Pilate is known for presiding over the trial of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, which resulted in Christ's death by crucifixion. The Bronze Prutahs of Pontius Pilate were struck in Jerusalem for three years only, AD 29-31.

Roman Imagery, Greek Text

Featured on the obverse is a lituus, a long curved staff used by augurs in various Roman religious rituals including the invocation of gods and prediction making. The Greek inscription "TIBEPIOY KAICAPOC" translates as "Of Tiberius Emperor."

The date of minting is inscribed on the reverse, encircled by a laurel wreath, a traditional Roman symbol of power and victory.

Fine Ancient Coin

This Money of the Bible Judean Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate, struck AD 29-31, was submitted for grading to NGC Ancients, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's specialized ancient coin division. Earning the grade of Fine (F), approximately a Sheldon Scale grade of 12, the highly circulated coin will have moderate to considerable wear, with some design detail remaining in the deeply recessed areas. The coin is encapsulated in an NGC holder, its certification label bearing an interpretative image of Christ.

Struck at the time of Christ's crucifixion, this Judean Bronze Prutah of Pontius Pilate will be an exciting addition to your collection of Money of the Bible! Don't pass on this one, purchase from MCM now!

Year of Issue:AD 26-36
Grading Service:NGC
Label/Signature:Christ Label