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Home Roman Empire, Silver Denarius Of Trajan (AD 98-117) - The Colosseum Hoard NGC Ch.VF

Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Trajan (AD 98-117) - The Colosseum Hoard NGC Ch.VF

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Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Trajan (AD 98-117) - The Colosseum Hoard NGC Ch.VF

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Why Order This Ch VF Roman Trajan Silver Denarius from the Colosseum Hoard?

Regardless of dates, the Roman Silver Denarius is an ancient coin that many collectors consider a must-have. These were widely used by the Ancient Romans for nearly 500 years. The Silver Denarius offered here is from the time of Emperor Trajan, which was approximately from 98 to 117 AD. Trajan was very successful as an emperor and the achievements of the Roman Empire during his rule are still taught today.

Detailed Portrait of Trajan

Emperor Trajan can be seen on the obverse. This design shows him facing the right. Inscriptions can be seen around the edge.

The design on the reverse shows a seated figure. Like the obverse, this side also displays inscriptions near the edge of the design.

NGC Ch VF Colosseum Hoard

This ancient Silver Denarius was submitted to the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Their team of unbiased experts found it to be authentic. For its condition, it was awarded the grade of Choice Very Fine. The label also lists that this specimen was a part of the Colosseum Hoard.

Order while you have the chance, this NGC Ch VF Colosseum Hoard Roman Empire Trajan Silver Denarius could be yours.

Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch VF