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Roman Empire, Bronze Nummus of Constantine I (AD 337-340) - Manus Dei - NGC F

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Roman Empire, Bronze Nummus of Constantine I (AD 337-340) - Manus Dei - NGC F

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Why purchase this Manus Dei issue Bronze Nummus of Constantine I?

Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great, was the Roman Empire's first Christian Emperor. This Bronze Nummus was struck posthumously in Constantine's honor, issued by his three sons. Imagery of the coin is notable as the first to depict the Christian God, represented as the Hand of God, or Manus Dei, receiving the Emperor into heaven.

Symbolic Imagery

The obverse depicts Constantine, right facing, head adorned with a traditional burial shroud, surrounded by the inscription "DV CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG" (Divine Constantine Father of the Augusti). Constantine was the last Emperor to receive the pagan title Divus (DV).

Constantine is depicted on the reverse driving a chariot drawn by four horses, with the Hand of God reaching down from above to welcome him into heaven.

Fine Ancient Coin

This Roman Imperial Bronze Nummus of Constantine I, struck AD 337-340, has been reviewed by NGC Ancients, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's specialized ancient coin division. Graded F, Fine, which is equivalent to a Sheldon Scale grade of 12, the highly circulated coin will have moderate to considerable wear, with some design detail remaining in the deeply recessed areas. The coin is guaranteed genuine and includes and a Certificate of Authenticity issued by the American Numismatic Association, along with a narrative describing the impact of Constantine's reign.

This Manus Dei posthumous issue Bronze Nummus of Constantine the Great will be an exciting addition to your ancient coin collection! Don't pass on this one, purchase from MCM now!

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