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Roman Empire, Billon Nummus (AD 4th Century) - Dynasty of Constantine the Great (with COA)

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Roman Empire, Billon Nummus (AD 4th Century) - Dynasty of Constantine the Great (with COA)

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Why purchase this Ancient Roman Bronze Nummus struck during the Constantinian Dynasty?

The Dynasty of Constantine the Great, also known as the Constantinian Dynasty, was a period of Roman Imperial civilization lasting from A.D. 307-363, led by Constantine I and his three sons. As emperor, Constantine sanctioned many administrative, financial, social and military reforms to strengthen the empire. Following the proclamation of the Edict of Milan in A.D. 313, which declared acceptance for Christians to practice freely in the empire, Constantine became the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity. This period of the Roman Empire also saw a change in its currency, with several denominations of bronze coinage, including the nummus, becoming the most circulated coins, replacing the silver coinage of the previous century.

Imagery of the Roman Nummus

The obverse typically featured the laureate portrait of the reigning Emperor, surrounded by a legend describing the ruler's name and title.

Reverse imagery varied, depicting political themes, religious philosophies, and military conquests, illustrated by an additional image of the Emperor or with the symbolism of a god or goddess.

Ancient Bronze Nummus with Certificate of Authenticity

This Bronze Nummus of the Dynasty of Constantine the Great, struck 4th Century A.D., is packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the American Numismatic Association. Also included is a brief description of the Constantinian Dynasty, its rulers, and accomplishments.

This specially packaged Roman Imperial Bronze Nummus is sure to be an exciting addition to your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:AD 4th Century
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:Uncertified
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire