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Roman Empire, Billon Nummus of Diocletian (AD 284-305) NGC XF

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Roman Empire, Billon Nummus of Diocletian (AD 284-305) NGC XF

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Ready for your Ancient Coin Collection: The Extremely Fine Roman Empire Billon Nummus of Diocletian

Before Constantine the great could rule, the Roman Emperor Diocletian (and his Billon Nummi) set the stage with a coin reform that introduced two new coins to the empire. Now you can own one of these extraordinary coins from Diocletian's reign: a Billon Nummus, in Extremely Fine condition - amazingly preserved after more than 1,700 years!

A reform hammered out in copper, silver and gold

Diocletian inherited an empire on the brink of collapse - a far cry from the powerful empire Constantine the Great would command in 306. As part of his rule, Diocletian (emperor from 284-305) reformed coinage by eliminating all of the old denominations and keeping only the Gold Aureus. He then introduced a new, high-purity silver coin that we know today as an argenteus. He also introduced a large and heavy copper coin alloyed with a small amount of silver, called a Follis or a "Nummus."

Diocletian's original Nummi weighed approximately 10g and was 30mm in diameter. Production of the nummus halted in about A.D. 318 or 319, by which time it was a reduced version of Diocletian's original coin. The nummus was replaced by a more compact coin, usually called an "AE3" by numismatists. Even this coin eventually was reduced to the "AE3/4" size, and then the "AE4" size. This AE4 coin continued to be struck in ever-smaller versions until the beginning of the Byzantine age. Diocletian's rule was marked with challenges, as his reforms were often considered too simplistic to truly solve the problems of his empire. However, despite such failures and challenges, Diocletian's reforms fundamentally changed the structure of Roman imperial government and helped stabilize the empire economically and militarily, enabling the empire to remain essentially intact for another 150 years.

An Extremely Fine grading means an ancient coin of lasting beauty

According to the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's (NGC) ancient coin experts, NGC Ancients, your Roman Empire Billon Nummus of Diocletian is graded Extremely Fine, which is equivalent to a Sheldon scale rating of 40. With this grading, you can expect your coin to have complete details with minor wear on some or most of the high points - an impressive appearance for a coin struck from A.D. 284-305!

Add Diocletian's Billion Nummus to your ancient coin collection today, and celebrate the emperor who set the stage for greatness!

Year of Issue:AD 284-305
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire