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Home More Roman Empire, Billon Nummus Fraction Of Maximian (AD 286-310) - Posthumous Issue (AD 317/8) - NGC XF

Roman Empire, Billon Nummus Fraction of Maximian (AD 286-310) - Posthumous Issue (AD 317/8) - NGC XF

Roman Empire, Billon Nummus Fraction of Maximian (AD 286-310) - Posthumous Issue (AD 317/8) - NGC XF
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Why add this Roman Imperial Billon Nummus Fraction of Maximian to your ancient coin collection?

This Billon Nummus Fraction, struck A.D. 317/8, is a commemorative coin posthumously issued by Constantine the Great in honor of Emperor Maximian. Maximian was a ruler of the Roman Empire from A.D. 286-310, though he retired from his reign to southern Italy for a short period in A.D. 305-306. Composed of a metallic alloy called billon, this Nummus Fraction is struck from silver plated bronze.

Honorary images of the Emperor

The obverse depicts the laureate portrait of Emperor Maximian facing right, head adorned with a veil, accompanied by the legend "DIVO MAXIMIANO SEN FORT IMP" (Divine Maximian, Senior Fortissimus Imperator). The appearance of a veiled image is an homage to a deceased Emperor on coinage.

Maximian is portrayed on the reverse seated facing left in curule chair, holding a scepter in his left hand, while raising his right. Inscribed "REQVIES OPTIMORVM MERITORVM," which translates as "retirement most deserved," with "SIS" in exergue, the Siscia Mint's Mint mark.

Extremely Fine Ancient Coin

This Billon Nummus struck posthumously in honor of Roman Emperor Maximian, is graded Extremely Fine by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's ancient coin grading specialists. The coin is encapsulated in a labeled NGC holder, exhibiting sharp design details of lettering and design, with highest points slightly flattened and minute traces of original Mint luster.

This beautifully struck Roman Imperial commemorative coin will be a fantastic addition to your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:AD 286-310
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire