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Roman Empire, Billon Half-Centenionalis of Constans (AD 337-350) NGC XF

Roman Empire, Billon Half-Centenionalis of Constans (AD 337-350) NGC XF
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Why add this Extremely Fine Roman Imperial Billon Half-Centenionalis to your ancient coin collection?

The Roman Imperial Billon Half-Centenionalis was a denomination introduced about ten years after the death of Constantine the Great, about A.D. 347, by Constantine's sons. This Half-Centenionalis was issued by Constantine's third and youngest son, Constans, struck from billon, a common coinage material of the mid-fourth century composed of a bronze base with a light wash of silver.

Images of the Emperor

The likeness of Emperor Constans adorned with a pearl diadem appears on the obverse, wearing a military style drape and cuirass. The image is bordered by the inscription "D N CONSTANS P F AVG," meaning "Our Lord, Constans: Pious, Happy Emperor."

Featured on the reverse is Emperor Constans, portrayed standing in a galley style vessel steered by Victory, holding a phoenix on a globe in his outstretched right hand, with a labarum (chi-rho standard) in his left. "FEL TEMP REPARATIO" is inscribed, representing "happy times restored," with Thessalonica Mint mark in exergue.

Spectacular Extra Fine Ancient Coin

This Billon Half-Centenionalis struck during the reign of Roman Emperor Constans, A.D. 337-350, is graded Extremely Fine, which is a comparable Sheldon Scale equivalent of 40, by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's ancient coin grading division, NGC Ancients. The coin is protected in a labeled NGC holder, exhibiting complete design details of lettering and design, with slightly flattened high points and traces of original Mint luster.

This superbly struck piece of Roman Imperial history will be an exciting addition to your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:AD 337-350
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire