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Roman Empire, Billon Centenionalis of Constans (AD 337-350) NGC XF

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Roman Empire, Billon Centenionalis of Constans (AD 337-350) NGC XF

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Why purchase this Billon Centenionalis struck for Roman Emperor Constans?

Constans was the youngest son of Constantine the Great, who jointly ruled the Roman Empire with his brothers Constantine II and Constantius II following the death of Constantine in A.D. 337. Territory of the Empire was divided among the brothers, with Constans assigned the rule of the praetorian prefectures of Italy, Africa and Illyricum, along with the diocese of Thrace. This Centenionalis issued by Constans was struck from billon (silver plated bronze).

Dramatic design

The obverse depicts the pearl diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Constans facing left, with a globe grasped in his right hand. Inscribed "D N CONSTANS P F AVG" (Our Lord, Constans: Pious, Happy Emperor).

The reverse illustrates the scene of Emperor Constans walking to the right, dressed in helmet and military garb, looking back over his shoulder as he leads barbarian out from a hut under tree, symbolically guiding him to civilization and Christianity. Inscribed "FEL TEMP REPARATIO," meaning "happy times restored," with Mint mark in exergue.

NGC Extremely Fine

Graded Extremely Fine (Sheldon Scale equivalent of 40) by the ancient coin specialists at the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, NGC Ancients, this Billon Centenionalis of Roman Emperor Constans exhibits complete details of design and overall sharpness, with most of the highest points flattened slightly from circulation. The coin is presented with an official NGC grading label in a protective holder to preserve its condition.

This Billon Centenionalis of Constans will make an impressive addition to your collection of ancient Roman Imperial coinage!

Year of Issue:AD 337-350
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire