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Roman Empire, Billon Double Denarius of Valerian I (AD 253-260) NGC Genuine (with COA)

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Roman Empire, Billon Double Denarius of Valerian I (AD 253-260) NGC Genuine (with COA)

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Why purchase this Billon Double Denarius of Emperor Valerian I?

Valerian I became Roman Emperor in A.D. 253, and immediately appointed his son Gallienus as his Caesar to co-rule at his side. Valerian has the unfortunate distinction of being the first Roman Emperor to be captured as a prisoner of war, taken captive by Sassanian Persian King Shapur I after the Battle of Edessa in A.D. 260, a battle generally viewed as one of the worst disasters in Roman military history. The Double Denarius of Valerian I is a silvered bronze (billon) coin weighing approximately 3.7 g.

Symbolic ancient imagery

The obverse depicts Emperor Valerian, draped and cuirassed, facing right, adorned with a radiate crown, accompanied by the inscription "VALERIAN P F AVG," which translates to "Valerian: Pious, Happy Emperor."

Featured on the reverse is the image of Sol as Oriens. In this period of Roman history, Oriens, the personification of the rising sun of the east, represented the rising fortune of the Emperor. Inscribed "ORIENS" (the rising sun), and "AVGG" (the two emperors). Romans traditionally pluralized coin inscriptions by repeating letters.

Authenticated by NGC Ancients

This ancient Double Denarius has been reviewed and authenticated by NGC Ancients, the highly knowledgeable ancient coin grading division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, as a genuine billon coin struck A.D. 253-260 for Roman Emperor Valerian I. The ungraded coin is sealed in a protective holder accompanied by a NGC certification label.

Add the Billon Double Denarius of Roman Emperor Valerian I to your collection of ancient coins today!

Year of Issue:AD 253-260
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire