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Republic Metals Corporation 1 Kilo Silver Bar

Republic Metals Corporation 1 Kilo Silver Bar
Image 1:Republic Metals Corporation 1 Kilo Silver Bar Image 2:Republic Metals Corporation 1 Kilo Silver Bar

Why Choose This Republic Metals Corporation 1 Kilo Silver Bar?

When you want more silver to add to your stack, you have many options to choose from. Not only are there many brands, but also various forms. Each one has its advantages. This silver bar was minted by Republic Metals Corporation. Republic Metals is a private Mint in the US. Their headquarters is in Florida.

This Republic Metals silver bar weighs 1 kilo, so that’s just over 32 Troy oz. It has a fineness of .999 and a simple design. On the front, at the top the Republic Metals Corporation logo can be seen. At the bottom, the weight and fineness are inscribed. At the very bottom is a unique serial number. Like other bullion products, the unique serial number helps to prevent counterfeiting. The back of the bar is totally blank, no inscriptions or designs are shown here. If you’re looking for a simple silver bar made by a private Mint in the US for a reasonable price, this Republic Metals 1 kilo silver bar is a good option.

Add this 1 kilo Republic Metals Corporation silver bar to your stack today.

Weight in Grams:1000 g
Weight in Ounces:1 kilo
Mint:Republic Metals Corporation
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