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Random Ruler Roman Silver Denarius

Random Ruler Roman Silver Denarius - NGC VF
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Why add this Random Roman Emperor Ancient Silver Denarius to your collection?

The silver Denarius formed the backbone of Roman currency during the glory years of the Republic and was in circulation for more than four centuries. The Denarius remains one of the most widely circulated coins ever minted. The popularity of the Denarius had a strong influence on future cultures as the French, Arab countries, Serbian, Macedonian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italians all issued coinage that takes their name from the Latin word Denarius.

Recently we acquired a large batch of graded ancient silver Denarius and are offering the opportunity for you to purchase these coins based on the coins grading and not the year or design. This random date option is an exciting way to add the most widely circulated coin of the Roman Empire to your collection. When you place your order our team of trained numismatic specialists will select and package a comparably graded coin with a random date from our large stock of products. If multiples are purchased, we will do our best with what is available to make every coin in your order unique.

Your specimen will be graded Very Fine, which is equivalent to a Sheldon Scale grading of 20 – 25 by the Ancient coin division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). A grade of Very Fine indicates the coin exhibits moderate wear on the higher surface features and that lettering and images on the coin will overall be sharp with good detail. Purchase yours from MCM today!

r Denarius | NGC VF

Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
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The Roman Silver Denarius
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