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Random Ruler Roman Bronze Nummus

Random Ruler Roman Bronze Nummus - NGC XF
Image 1:Random Ruler Roman Bronze Nummus - NGC XF Image 2:Random Ruler Roman Bronze Nummus - NGC XF Image 3:Random Ruler Roman Bronze Nummus - NGC XF

Why add this Random Roman Ruler Nummus to your collection?

The Roman Nummus was one of the most widely circulated coins of the ancient world. First issued in about 300 BC the Nummus was used in all transactions smaller than a silver Denarius. Roman bronze coins remained in circulation for more than 700 years. The Nummus you receive will feature random dates and designs selected by our professional team of numismatic specialists from available stock at the time of order. All coins will range in size and age from 300 BC to the mid fourth century AD.

Recently we acquired a large batch of graded ancient bronze Nummus coins and are offering them for purchase based on the grade they receive and not the specific year or design. The specimen you will receive is an excellent example of the Nummus. It has been graded Extremely Fine, which is equivalent to a Sheldon Scale grading of 40 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), a highly respected independent coin authentication company. This is one of the higher grades a circulated ancients coin can receive, and you can expect an overall sharpness of detail. It will exhibit light but even wear on the highest points of the coin, with traces of Mint luster.

If you’re shopping for your first ancient coin, this Nummus is the perfect combination of numismatic name recognition and authenticated quality. You will treasure this coin for many years to come. Purchase today from MCM!

Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
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