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Roman Empire, Billon Centenionalis of Constantius II (AD 337-361) NGC XF

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Roman Empire, Billon Centenionalis of Constantius II (AD 337-361) NGC XF

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Why purchase a Billon Centenionalis struck for a random 3rd-5th Century A.D. Roman Emperor?

Bronze coins struck during the era of the Roman Empire were usually silvered, producing a metallic alloy called billon. Historians believe that 3rd-5th Century A.D. billon was created by submerging bronze blanks into a chloride salt solution composed of mostly silver, lead, and tin. The blanks remained in the solution until they became silvery in appearance. The resulting coating on the struck coin was very thin, and wore off quickly in circulation. The early issues of the Roman Imperial Billon Centenionalis measured 23 mm in diameter, weighing 4.5 g, but like many denominations of the period, the coin was reduced in size and weight over time.

Impressive Billon Centenionalis design

A laureate portrait of the ruling Emperor adorns the obverse, bordered with an inscription stating his name and title.

Reverse imagery varied in theme. Some represented ideals of the Empire, symbolized by the depiction of mythical gods and goddesses, others portrayed the strength of the Emperor with images of military conquest.

NGC Extremely Fine

Graded Extremely Fine (Sheldon Scale equivalent of 40) by the ancient coin specialists at the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, NGC Ancients, each coin in ModernCoinMart's Random Roman Empire Billon Centenionalis collection exhibits complete details of design and overall sharpness, with most of the highest points flattened slightly from circulation. Each remarkable coin is presented with an official NGC grading label in a protective holder to preserve its condition.

Add a random 3rd-5th Century A.D. Billon Centenionalis to your collection today!

Year of Issue:AD 337-361
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire