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Roman Republic, Random Silver Denarius (3rd-1st Centuries BC) NGC Ch. F

Roman Republic, Random Silver Denarius (3rd-1st Centuries BC) NGC Ch. F
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Why add an ancient Roman Republic Silver Denarius to your coin collection?

The Roman Republic existed from 509-27 B.C., beginning with the demise of the Roman Kingdom, and ending with the establishment of the Roman Empire. In 211 B.C. the Silver Denarius was introduced, which went on to become the main circulation coin in the Republic, and then the succeeding Empire, until the middle of the third century A.D., when it was replaced by the Double Denarius.

Designs of the Roman Republic Denarii

At the time of introduction, the Denarius featured the image of Roma, the patron deity of the city of the Rome and the Roman State on the obverse. The reverse depicted the Dioscuri (twin brothers Castor and Pollux) riding on horseback carrying lances.

During the late period of the Republic, the Moneyers (Mint officials), issued coinage as a means of communication to promote causes, gain popularity and advertise military strength and victories with the addition of inscribed names and personal symbolism.

Graded Choice Fine by NGC Ancients

Each Silver Denarius, struck 211-27 B.C., during the period of the Roman Republic, is graded Choice Fine by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's (NGC) ancient coin grading experts. Coins graded as such will exhibit moderate to sharp detail in the deeply recessed areas of the coin, with clearly struck lettering. Encapsulated in a protective NGC holder, each coin is accompanied by an official grading certification label.

Add a Random Roman Republic Silver Denarius to your ancient coin collection today!

Year of Issue:3rd-1st Centuries BC
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch. F
Country:Roman Republic
Legal Tender:Roman Republic