Home World Coins 1300-1400 Austria Hall Silver Hand Heller NGC MS61 Story Vault

1300-1400 Austria Hall Silver Hand Heller NGC MS61 Story Vault

1300-1400 Austria Hall Silver Hand Heller NGC MS61 Story Vault
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Why add the Mint State 61 1300-1400 Austria Silver Hand Heller to your collection?

This 1300-1400 Austria Silver Hand Heller was given the elevated grade of Mint State 61 from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). The name of the denomination "heller" is derived from "haller," a from the Holy Roman Empire city today known as Schwabisch Hall, Germany, where this coin type was first struck. The denomination was minted and circulated in throughout Central and Eastern Europe from the start of the 13th century. The coin began as a nearly pure silver issue but silver content was reduced over time. It is sometimes referred to as a Handelheller for the depiction of a hand on the obverse.

Divine good fortune in the design details

The obverse of the coin shows a right hand with the palm facing forward. This is thought by scholars to be the Hand of God. This depiction is unusual because there is no other representation of God or some figure like a king or pope. The hand imagery became associated with bringing good luck. The coin's reverse features a cross, which when taken in context with the hand on the obverse image suggests that the holder of the coin receives the favor and protection of Christ.

Mint State 61 graded Medieval coin!

Mint State 61 coins feature no wear. They do have bag marks, abrasions or hairlines and the strike may be deficient. It comes in an outer story vault holder.

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Year of Issue:1300-1400
Mint:Austrian Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Finish:Mint State
Packaging:Story Vault
Legal Tender:Austria
Obverse Design:Hand of God
Reverse Design:Cross Within Diamond Border
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