Home Gold Box Of 25 PAMP Fortuna 2.5 G Gold Bars In Assay

Box of 25 PAMP Fortuna 2.5 g Gold Bars In Assay

Box of 25 PAMP Fortuna 2.5 g Gold Bars In Assay
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Why Buy this Box of 25 Fortuna Design Gold Bars?

This Box of Fortuna Design Bars consists of 25 2.5g ingots each of which is encapsulated in its own Assay Certificate. These bars each have VeriScan technology, which allows you and anyone else to verify its authenticity simply by scanning the bar with a traditional scanner or smartphone. Because of the uniqueness of the surface profile of each bar, verification can be done almost instantaneously, protecting both buyers and sellers.

What does the design of these PAMP Suisse Gold Bars represent?

These 2.5g Fortuna Design Gold Bars all bear the image of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck. She is depicted blindfolded and facing to the left side of the obverse of the bar. Toward the front of her head are sheaths of wheat, indicating a desire for luck of a good harvest. To the left is a wheel, which she spun to bring good luck to some and bad luck to others. Open hands extended toward the holder also receive coins that pour out from a cornucopia that emerges from her ear.

Take advantage of this efficient, beautiful way to add 62.5g of gold to your collection by ordering this Box of 25 Gold Bars with the Fortuna Design from MCM today and enjoy free domestic shipping with your order.

Quantity:Box of 25
Grading Service:Uncertified
Finish:Mint State
Packaging:In Assay
Display Weight:2.5 g
Weight in Grams:2.5 g
Weight in Ounces:0.0804 oz