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Unboxing Drawing

Winner Announced!

and the winner is...

Jacob A, from Nevada!!

Jacob, by the rules of the contest, you have until noon Eastern time on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 to email your information to socialmedia@moderncoinmart.com to claim your prise of a GEM BU 1oz. Gold Eagle! Congratulations to you, and thank all of you for participating!

*** The Entry Period is Officially Closed ***

We are leaving the rules posted until the winner has claimed their prize and the event is completely over. Thank you for participating!

Upload your unboxing video to YouTube or post your positive experience and be entered to win a 1oz. $50 Gold Eagle in Gem BU!!! The random drawing will be held Friday, August 30, 2013 at 5pm Eastern. All you have to do to enter is complete one of the options below.

Entering this drawing is easy, and odds could be very favorable. If 100 people enter and do both options, the odds of winning would be one in 100! If fewer enter (and many do only one of the two entry options) odds of winning would be even better!

Option #1 - Video Your Unboxing

If you have the ability to video the unboxing of your MCM order when it arrives and post that video to YouTube, this option is likely for you. Do the following:

  • Take a video of your order being unboxed that is at least 2 minutes in length (and no more than 9 minutes).
  • The title of the video MUST include the text, "ModernCoinMart" - or - "Modern Coin Mart" - or - "MCM".
  • Post the video to YouTube.
  • Share the video on our Facebook page or (if you do not have a Facebook account) send your full name and a link to the YouTube video to socialmedia@moderncoinmart.com.

Your video must show an MCM order package being opened for the first time, and your video must be in color and have sound and commentary to be considered valid for entry.

Option #2 - Post about your MCM Experience on a forum.

If you belong to a coin or precious metals forum, do the following:

  • Your post count MUST be at least 25 in the forum where you post your entry. Post count is the number of posts you have made.
  • Start a new thread and ensure the subject includes the text, "ModernCoinMart" - or - "Modern Coin Mart" - or - "MCM".
  • In your new thread post any positive experience you have with ModernCoinMart or why you choose to do business with us. Your post must be at least 50 words and contain the text, "ModernCoinMart" - or - "Modern Coin Mart" - or - "MCM," at least once in the body of the post.
  • Email socialmedia@moderncoinmart.com with your full name and a link pointing us to the thread - or - post a link to the thread on our Facebook page to be entered.
  • PLEASE DO NOT send your positive experience directly to us via email or Facebook post, as it WILL NOT COUNT as entry in the drawing.

BONUS Option #3 - Do BOTH and Enter Twice!

If you are especially talented and want to do BOTH options, you may, and we will enter you TWICE! Be creative!

Announcement of Winner

ModernCoinMart staff will post the winner of this drawing on our Facebook page, Twitter, and on MCM. shortly following the drawing, which will be held on Friday, August 30, 2013 at 5PM Eastern time.

Complete Drawing Rules

  1. Entries must be properly completed and submitted to MCM no later than midnight Eastern time on Wednesday, August 27, 2013 to be considered valid.
  2. ModernCoinMart staff and family of ModernCoinMart staff are not eligible to enter.
  3. All decisions made regarding the validity of entries made by MCM staff are final.
  4. Random drawing - chances of winning are based solely on the number of eligible entrants.
  5. Deadline for winner response - the winner MUST email their details (name, address) to socialmedia@moderncoinmart.com by noon Eastern time on Wednesday, September 4, 2013. Failure to send this email will result in forfeit and a second chance drawing will be held.
  6. Second Chance Drawing - If the winner does not respond, we will hold a second chance drawing after the deadline for winner response.
  7. Email questions regarding entries to socialmedia@moderncoinmart.com.
  8. ONLY ONE (1) of each entry option may be used per person for a grand total maximum number of TWO (2)entries per person.
  9. Entry in this drawing constitutes permission for MCM staff to use your first name and last initial in announcing the winner of the drawing and in other advertising and promotions.
  10. No substitutions for prize to be awarded.