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OPM 10 oz. Silver Bar
(Made in USA)

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OPM 10 oz. Silver Bar - (Made in USA)
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Why Add this OPM 10 oz. Silver Bar to your Collection?

This OPM (Ohio Precious Metals) 10 Troy oz. Silver Bar makes for a great option for those looking to collect silver bullion while avoiding high premiums. Many serious stackers find these bars a very attractive option not only because of their premiums but also because of the convenience of the dimensions. Especially with larger silver stacks, these bars take up much less space than coins of the same weight, as they are made to be piled on top of one another. The OPM logo appears on the left side of the obverse, which bears horizontal inscriptions. To the right is the name of the mint that manufactured the bar, “OPM METALS.” Under that is a rectangular box that has two long areas extending from the left and one box on the right. Each of the boxes has an inscription. The one in the top left read, “10 TROY OUNCES,” and the one under it says, “.999+ FINE SILVER.” Some stackers may be attracted by the inscription in the box on the right, “U.S.A.,” which denotes the country in which the bar was produced. The OPM logo is inscribed in diagonal lined throughout the reverse.

Weight in Grams:311 g
Weight in Ounces:10 oz
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