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Silver Certificates

In part because large finds of silver in the Early West dramatically increased the production of silver, and in part because of the Coinage Act of 1873, silver certificates became a regular form of currency beginning with the series of 1878. The first few issues were in the large note size format, however they would be reduced to the smaller note format in the 1920s with all the other forms of currency made in the United States at the time.

During their production, these notes were exchangeable for their denomination in silver dollars, meaning that each note was backed by actual silver held on deposit in the banks around the country. They circulated in this form until 1964 when the decision was made to remove the silver from America’s circulating coins. For a period of one year from June 1967 through June 1968 the notes were redeemable in bullion silver, after which they were demonetized as silver notes and continued to circulate beside, and for the same purpose as, Federal Reserve Notes.

Today the large size silver certificates are considered to be some of the most collectible of all types of currency, and the distinctive blue seal of the small size notes have all but completely eliminated these collectible and beautiful pieces of currency from circulation.

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