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Random Date 1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar

Random Date 1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar - Cull
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1922-1935 Random Date Cull 90% Silver Peace Dollar

The United States Peace Dollar is easily one of America’s most beloved coins and is heralded as being a part of the early twentieth-century Renaissance of American Coinage. This beautiful design was chosen as the winner of a nationwide competition seeking to espouse the ideal of peace shortly after the end of World War I. The Peace Dollar coin was designed by famous Italian-American sculptor Anthony de Francisci during the year of 1921. The obverse of the coin is a beautiful depiction of the head and neck of Lady Liberty as the figure of a Goddess with a tiara of rays placed upon the crown of her head. On the reverse of the Peace Dollar you will find a majestic American eagle with wings tucked by its side as it stands on a mound facing the rising sun. This coin was minted at the Philadelphia Mint, as well both the San Francisco Mint in California, and the Denver Mint facility in Colorado. The corresponding mint mark can be found located directly to the left of the Eagle’s tail feathers on the reverse side of the coin. Each coin is manufactured from an alloy consisting of 90% silver and 10% copper. This large Peace Dollar is a commanding 38.1 millimeters in size with a weight of 26.73 grams, or approximately .77344 ounces of pure silver contained in each piece.

Why Purchase Random Date 90% Silver Peace Dollars in Cull Condition?

The Random Date 90% Silver Peace Dollar in Cull Condition provides the buyer with a unique opportunity to acquire this beautiful design with relative ease. Each of these coins have traveled extensively through the channels of commerce and will show signs of being handled from all of the transactions that they conducted and the many hands from which they passed. These coins will make you sit for hours wondering which person used this coin as a means to acquire their daily needs, or at which event in history that this coin was in attendance to witness. These were the coins that rebuilt America after the First World War and were used extensively by the citizens of this great nation to help make it through the ensuing Great Depression and build up to World War II. Do not miss your chance to own such a remarkable piece of American History that can be held in the palm of your hand and enjoyed for many more years to come.

The 90% Silver Peace Dollar and the Pittman Act of 1918

The United States Peace Dollar was spurred into action by legislation introduced by Senator Key Pittman from the state of Nevada. This federal law mandated that the United States Mint begin coining millions of new Silver Dollars, which they fulfilled. The law also mandated a set rate for the purchase of raw bullion materials and was viewed as a subsidy to the mining companies due to the set rate from the Federal Government. The Pittman Act was introduced to preserve the economics of the time during World War I, and to retain the purchasing power of the United States Gold stockpile.

Year of Issue:1922-1935
Weight in Grams:26.73 g
Grading Service:Uncertified
Finish:Mint State
Country:United States
Mint:US Mint
Dimensions:38.1 mm
Tag:Peace Dollars
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