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American Platinum Eagle Sets

When the U.S. Mint issues a new Platinum Eagle set, there's always a rush to get them. Platinum Eagle sets have some of the lowest mintage figures of any modern U.S. coin series.

Like other bullion coins that comes in various sizes, Platinum Eagle sets can be created a couple different ways. The first type of Platinum Eagle set is the set containing 1 of each size in original government packaging. This type of set contains one 1 oz. Platinum Eagle, one 1/2 oz. Platinum Eagle, one 1/4 oz. Platinum Eagle, and one 1/10 oz. Platinum Eagle. Usually this set is packaged in a display folder that is similar in appearance to a book.

Platinum Eagle sets can also be graded. Graded Platinum Eagle sets have the same contents as those in original government packaging. The difference is that these coins have been graded by a third-party grading service like PCGS or NGC. The price of these sets is determined primarily by the grade of the included coins. Typically, when a graded Platinum Eagle set is grouped together, each coin in the set is the same grade.

While Platinum Eagles are the most difficult to find of the American Eagle coins, MCM is always buying so that we can provide you with the best selection possible. You never know when we might acquire the perfect Platinum Eagle for your collection.

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