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2003-S United States Clad Proof Set
GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

2003-S United States Clad Proof Set - GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

2003-S US Mint Clad Proof Coin Set | GEM Proof in Original Government Packaging

Some of the most collected coins released by the United States Mint, year in and year out, are their popular proof sets. The annual sets provide an easy way to collect one of every coin for the year in a gorgeous proof quality and packed in special government packaging. This original government packaging (OGP) lends to the allure of the sets and is typically updated by the mint for each of the year’s sets to make it unique.

The coins in the 2003-S U.S. Mint Clad Proof Set are packaged in two clear plastic lens' – one for the five state quarter releases for the year and one for the other denominations. The insert in the lens features the United States of America Flag with a blue tinted theme. The plastic lens' are slipped inside an outer protective sleeve which has the very recognizable head shot of the Statue of Liberty on its cover.

This set contains all 10 coins from 2003 in proof quality, which means each coin was made by striking the blanks two or more times with special dies in order to get a shiny mirror-like finish on the coins surfaces.

2003 United States Mint Proof Set

All of the coins in the 2003 Clad Proof Set were produced at the San Francisco Mint branch of the U.S. Mint and are marked as such with an “S” mint mark on each coin. Other inscriptions on the obverse of each coin in the set are “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

From 1999 to 2008, the U.S. Mint released five special quarters each year featuring imagery from the 50 United States. The State Quarter Program helped to reinvigorate interest in the coin collecting hobby. The five state quarter releases from 2003 are included in this set. In addition to the inscriptions mentioned above, the quarters also include “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “QUARTER DOLLAR” on the obverse. The country name and denomination appears on the reverse of the other denominations in the set. Also on the reverse of all coins in the set, the quarters included, is “E PLURIBUS UNUM”. The year “2003” appears on the reverse of the quarters and obverse of the other coins.

Coins included in one plastic lens of the 2003 U.S. Mint Proof Set, with reverse designs noted, are: Abraham Lincoln (“ONE CENT”) - Lincoln Memorial building, Thomas Jefferson (“FIVE CENTS”) - Monticello building, Franklin D. Roosevelt (“ONE DIME”) - olive branch, torch and oak branch, John F. Kennedy (“HALF DOLLAR”) - shield, eagle, olive branch and arrows & Sacagawea (“ONE DOLLAR”) - soaring eagle.

In a second plastic lens are the five 2003 George Washington Quarter Dollars, with state name and the year the state joined the union inscribed on their reverse. The five states, with design elements noted, are: “ILLINOIS” State Quarter (“1818”) – a young Abraham Lincoln, “ALABAMA” State Quarter (“1819”) – Helen Keller, “MAINE” State Quarter (“1820”) – Permaquid Point Lighthouse, “MISSOURI” State Quarter (“1821”) – Lewis and Clark with the Gateway Arch, “ARKANSAS” State Quarter (“1836”) – rice stalks, a diamond and a mallard duck.

Add the 2003-S US Mint Clad Proof Set to your collection.

U.S. Mint Proof Sets are the highlight of many people's collections and also make great gifts. Make sure the 2003 Proof Set is in your collection, as well as that of your friends and family.

Year of Issue:2003
Grade:GEM Proof
Country:United States
Mint:San Francisco
IN STOCK: Ready for Immediate Shipment.

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