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Valcambi Suisse is one of the most important precious metals refineries on the planet. Situated in Balerna, Switzerland, it refines more gold than any other facility in the world and also refines silver, platinum, and palladium. Originally named Valori & Cambi, the company opened in 1961. It changed its name six years later. It is currently owned by Global Gold Refineries AG. It produces minted rounds, bars, coins, and other casting products, as well as providing assay, storage, and transportation services. In addition to its traditional precious metals offerings, the mint also produces green gold products, which are highly sought after by many collectors.

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Valcambi Suisse 1 g Gold Bar GEM BU in Sealed Assay Card

Bullion Bars

While Valcambi has long been a leading source of precious metals, its popularity has grown recently thanks in part to its unique CombiBars™. Minted in all four precious metals, these bars give collectors the opportunity to own easily divisible precious metals. With a clean, sleek look that provides just the basic information about each individual bar, the CombiBars are thin, making for easy storage. Collectors can easily take the bars apart, making it easy to sell or gift part of a collection without having to get rid of it in its entirety.

Another popular option from Valcambi is its cast bars. Like the CombiBars, these products are sleek and clean, without a design beyond the Valcambi logo. The gold bars range widely in weight, starting at 20 g and going up to 400 oz. Options for silver bars are limited to 1000 g and 5000 g. The company also offers platinum and palladium bars.

Armillary Coins

While the bulk of the mint’s work focuses on bars, it has also been tasked with creating Armillary coins, also known as A’coins, for the Cook Islands. The coins consist of four quarter-ounce gold coins that are attached to each other in concentric circles. They can be twisted to look like an armillary sphere. For collectors who like unique coins, this piece is a must.

Green Gold Products

Collectors of green gold also have plenty of Valcambi options. For collectors who are unfamiliar with green gold, it is similar to pink gold in that the green tinge is subtle. Valcambi green gold products include standard bars, cast kilobars, and grain. The standard bars range rom 1 g to 100 g, giving collectors even on the tightest budgets the opportunity to own a stunning example of this unique metal.

In Summary

Rising from some early struggles, Valcambi has become a name that is synonymous with the world’s leading assay services, outstanding products, and exceptional service. It is known by mints and vendors throughout the world already, and its unique products, including both CombiBars and Armilary coins, are building its reputation among retail buyers as a leader in convenience, beauty, and innovation. With so many fantastic products coming out of the company in recent years, collectors can’t help but wonder, “What’s next?” Whether you prefer traditional gold and silver bars or innovative coins and products, don’t overlook Valcami’s products when making your next purchase.