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Coins have been struck and utilized by a huge number of societies over the past 2,000 years and beyond. The area that was known as Thrace existed alongside other well-known ancient societies such as the Persians and Romans. If you are fascinated by Ancient Societies that aren’t so widely known today, then Thracian coins could be the perfect addition to your collection. Each one is a real piece of history and a reminder of an era long gone.

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The region of Thrace, also referred to as Thracia, was known by that name until the seventh century. Thrace was located in southeastern Europe. Today, the land known as Thrace has become a part of Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.

Thracian Culture

The Thracians had a dynamic culture like many other ancient societies. At first, they were mostly tribal. They were eventually controlled by Rome.

Ancient Thracian Coins

Coins from the ancient region of Thrace can still be obtained today. While specimens are available, the quality varies widely as can be expected from any type of ancient coin. The minting process was completely different during this era, so even the quality of new coins varied as they entered circulation.