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Swissmint was founded in 1848 and today serves as the Swiss Confederation’s official Mint. Its primary purpose is the production of Swiss franc coins for circulation, but it also produces silver and gold bullion, as well as both precious metal and base metal coins, collectible coins, and medals. The mint takes pride in its environmentally friendly operations, which include, but are not limited to, procuring the materials that it uses, in an environmentally responsible manner and the recycling of re-usable materials.

Sitting in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has played a significant role in the development of European history and commerce while maintaining its own unique cultural heritage. Considering sharing in that rich tradition by adding one or more Swissmint coins to your collection.

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Shooting Thalers

The Mint strikes Gold and Silver Shooting Thalers for the annual marksmanship festivals. These coins share common obverses with a wreath encircling the respective coin’s face value. Rifles, a horn, and a shooting bag are also included in the design. The obverse design changes annually and typically honors the city and/or canton in which the festival is held. These coins have grown in popularity in recent years not only because of their stunning beauty, but also because many collectors also admire skilled marksmanship.

Collectible Coins

Swissmint issues just a handful of collectable coins every year, but the diversity of subject matters ensures that there is something for every collector. The coins tend to focus heavily on the confederation’s history, culture, and accomplishments. Recent silver issues in this category include coins celebrating Swiss Army knives, the 150th anniversary of the Swiss Cross, and yodeling. Significant gold pieces have celebrated William Tell and the 500th anniversary of the Pontifical Swiss Guard.