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Sunshine Minting

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Bullion Products


The company offers both gold and Silver Bullion products. Their Silver Rounds come in four sizes, 1/2 oz., 1 oz., 5 oz., and 10 oz., while its silver bars come in seven sizes ranging from a half ounce to 100 oz. The mint does not produce gold rounds, but it does offer thirteen sizes of gold bars ranging from 1 g to 1 kg. Although these products are bullion, many collectors like the company’s logo, an eagle flying against a sun backdrop, which is on many of SMI’s rounds and bars.


SMI’s reputation across the board is impressive, but it has distinguished itself particularly in terms of the security of its own retail products. Its branded bullion products feature the innovative Mint Mark SI™ security feature. This is an exclusive micro-engraving that only becomes visible when it is viewed under the Mint Mark SI™ decoding lens.


In addition to its branded bullion, SMI also offers rounds that replicate the designs of classic American coinage. One of the most popular of these products is its Buffalo Round. The designs are modeled off of James Earle Fraser’s Buffalo nickel. On the obverse is an aging Native American man, who bears a somber countenance. As on the coin, the word “LIBERTY” is inscribed in front of his face. The inscription on his shoulder, is “SMI.” The reverse image is similar to Fraser’s buffalo design. In the center, is the company’s security feature. Many collectors love this security feature, because what is revealed changes based upon how the holder views the security mark through the decoder lens. When viewed straight on, the lends makes the word “VALID” appear. When turned at a 90-degree angle, it reveals a sunburst.


In Summary


In fewer than forty years, Sunshine Minting grew from an upstart to a global leader in the world of private minting, and that reputation continues to grow. In 2011, it opened an international office in Shanghai, China, and two years later, it commissioned a new location in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today, it produces several of its own branded products and provides the silver planchets for the world’s most respected operation, the U.S Mint. Whether collectors are looking for sleek, clean products with designs based on numismatic icons or stackable bullion at an affordable price, Sunshine Minting’s products are well worth a look.