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The Singapore Mint marked its fiftieth anniversary in 2018. It was a celebration of progress for the relatively young operation. It opened in 1968 to mint coins for circulation in the newly independent nation. From those humble roots, it has grown into a fully integrated facility that creates beautiful products from program concept through design, production, marketing, and distribution. The mint takes particular pride in its after-sales services to ensure that its customers have the best possible collecting experience. Today, the mint is one of just a handful to maintain a team of skilled craftsmen who can add human elements to its products. This has played a major role in the mint’s success in winning several globally recognized awards since 1986. In addition to minting coins from Singapore, the mint also products issues for other countries and territories, including Macau and Bhutan.

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North Korea Summit Medallions

In 2018, the mint released medallions to commemorate the famous Singapore Summit, a historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un. Medallions were issued in gold, silver, and nickel-plated zinc, offering something to collectors on all budgets. The designs featured the flags of the two countries and handshakes. The first issue also included a dove of peace design, while the second showed the handshake along with a micro-engraving of the agreement that the two leaders signed.

Lunar Products

The mint is also a favorite of collectors of Lunar Coins. In fact, it produces three different sets of lunar series coins, one for Singapore, one for Macau, and one for Bhutan. Each series takes a radically different approach to the subject than the other two, giving collectors plenty of options. The Bhutan issues take considerable artistic license, while the Singapore issues bear realistic designs. The Macau issues fall in-between those two extremes.

Other Products

Unlike most other mints, the Singapore Mint’s product selection goes beyond just coins and foils. It also offers a variety of additional products, such as jewelry, figurines, ornaments, and picture frames. It even offers Singapore Skyline Gold Foil Playing Cards, which would be appreciated by any poker or bridge enthusiast. These additional options give collectors the chance to integrate their favorite hobby into other aspects of their lives. Collectors who purchase one of these products typically find themselves hooked, eagerly looking for similar options from this unique source.

In Summary

From its humble beginning as a producer of circulated coins for a small nation of about two million people, the Singapore Mint has exploded in fame and popularity around the world. It is currently capitalizing on global interest in lunar year issues with three very different sets, offering options that cater to a variety of interests. The mint’s coinage is often colorful and vibrant, offering fresh life for collections that feature mostly traditional coins of just gold and silver. For the most ardent collectors, it also offers products that go beyond traditional mint offerings into areas of daily life. Whether you want to spruce up your collection with some color or find something beyond just coins and foils, be sure to take a look at what this unique mint has to offer.