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SilverTowne Mint Products


Many collectors and stackers today are familiar with SilverTowne’s first original design, the Prospector series. SilverTowne has minted a number of silver bullion products with this classic design. This iconic image captures the spirit of the American prospectors of the 1800s. A lone prospector is shown pressing forward with his pack mule in tow.


Other SilverTowne Mint Products & Designs

The SilverTowne Mint lineup has expanded quite a lot since the introduction of the original Prospector silver bars. Today, their standard lineup also includes a Native American design loosely based on the Buffalo nickel, as well as a Saint-Gaudens round and a number of patriotic designs. They offer a variety of non-denominated Silver Rounds, minted bars, and poured bars. In fact, they have actually modified some of their well-known silver rounds to make them stackable.


While they aren’t as well-known as the standard SilverTowne lineup, there are also SilverTowne bullion pieces for almost any occasion you can think of. They offer seasonal and holiday products, wedding themed silver bullion, silver for anniversaries, pieces to celebrate new babies, and an array of religious and patriotic bullion. In addition to these silver bars and rounds, SilverTowne also makes some solid silver bullets. These unique pieces come in several weights, each caliber they offer is a different weight. For example, the silver .50 BMG is 10 oz. and the silver .308 is 2 oz. As far as private Mints go, SilverTowne’s lineup is impressive, with the sheer number of special occasion pieces they offer, in addition to their standard products.


Specialty Products from SilverTowne Mint

One of SilverTowne Mint’s spacialties lies in their precious metal tributes to America, American culture, and even hand-painted event coins.


They have an entire line dedicated to the U.S. military and the First Responder services. From their “Thin Line” American Flag silver bars to silver bullion coins dedicated to each branch of the military as well as law enforcement, firefighters, and medical services. 


SilverTowne Mint also crafts rounds for newlyweds, newborns, anniversaries, graduations, special holidays and even silver bullion coins with the intended purpose of bringing awareness to both cancer and disease.


Popular Products from the SilverTowne Mint


Some of SilverTowne’s most popular products lie under their themed coins and bars. With that being said, the Mint has an entire line of stackable silver rounds with interlocking silver minted into the design.


Listed below are four of SilverTowne Mint’s most iconic series that many collectors will recognize.


SilverTowne Buffalo Silver Rounds

The design of the SilverTowne Buffalo Silver Bullion Round is borrowed from one of the most cherished U.S. coins: the Indian Head/Buffalo Nickel. Created by acclaimed sculptor James Earle Fraser in 1913, this reverse design features an American Buffalo that was reportedly modeled after a creature living in the Central Park Zoo in New York at the time. 


This handsome non-denominated bullion round is struck from 1 Troy oz. of .999 fine silver with a diameter measurement of 39 mm. The buffalo on the design is posed standing upon a mound of dirt with the inscription "1 oz .999 silver" underneath. Additionally, the inscription "United States of America" curves above, with "E Pluribus Unum" just below.


SilverTowne American Eagle Replica Silver Rounds

SilverTowne’s American Eagle Replica Silver round is based on the American Silver Eagle series design produced by the U.S. Mint since 1986. 


Struck in 5 Troy ounces of .999 pure silver, the obverse features the replica image of “Walking Liberty” with the words “In God We Trust” and “Liberty”. The reverse features the replica image of John Mercanti's rendition of the Heraldic Eagle and the words "Silver Silver Bullion Round" and "5 Troy Ounce Fine Silver" around the rim of the design.


Each year, SilverTowne updates the year-date to reflect the current year.


SilverTowne Liberty Bell Stackables™ Silver Medallion

Custom minted by Winchester, Indiana’s SilverTowne Mint, these non-denominated rounds are minted on the simple concept of easy stacking. Each one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver, when stacked on top of one another, will easily interlock making collector’s stacks stay in place rather than fall over, a feature that makes coins like these extremely convenient to store.


The impressive design boasts a proof-like finish background with the Liberty Bell in the forefront. The Liberty Bell itself is one of the most iconic symbols of American Freedom and Independence. Now located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the bell acquired its distinctive crack some time in the early 19th century which makes it famous today. On the obverse design, the words "Life Liberty Happiness" and "1 Troy Ounce .999 Pure Silver" decorate the rim of the stackable-grooved rim.


The reverse features the heraldic eagle, a design that was featured on the U.S. Mint's Liberty Seated circulated coins. The grooved rim that makes the rounds stackable, creates a reeded edge that encompasses the entire edge.


SilverTowne Prospector Silver Bar

The Prospector Silver Bar was one of the first bars ever minted by the SilverTowne Mint back in the early 70s! Over the years the design has been updated and modernized, especially in recent years, making the Prospector Silver Bar design one of the mint’s most recognized bullion bars.


Minted in 1 Troy ounce of .999 fine silver, the front of the bar's design features the traditional SilverTowne trademarked Prospector and Donkey. With his pickaxe in hand, Pete the Prospector leads his trusty donkey in search of gold and treasure. The simple reverse design designates the metal’s weight and fineness across the top along with the SilverTowne registered logo and location of "Winchester Indiana”.


Where Are SilverTowne Bars Made?


SilverTowne has grown from a small coin shop to a multi-million dollar business in historic Winchester, Indiana. Founded in 1949 by Leon Hendrickson, SilverTowne has become one of the largest and most respected dealers of rare coins, modern coins, and precious metals within the United States. Leon and his lifelong partner and wife Ruhama prided themselves on building the company upon a foundation of both honesty and integrity.


SilverTowne Mint Quality


It’s no accident that SilverTowne is quite well-known today. They have focused on providing high-quality products on a consistent basis from the start. Today they are trusted by many collectors and dealers. All of their silver bullion boasts a fineness of .999. Purity is always important, but their focus on quality strikes and designs is also evident in their finished products.


ModernCoinMart takes great care in the way items are packaged and shipped to collectors so that they look just as pristine as if they came straight from the mints themselves.