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Silvertowne is one of many Private Mints in the United States. They are based in Winchester, Indiana. The history of Silvertowne goes back to 1949, although it wasn’t until the early 1970s that they began to mint some of their own products. That being said, that makes Silvertowne one of the oldest private Mints in the U.S. Today, they are widely known for consistently producing high quality Silver Bullion products.

Silvertowne Mint is among the oldest private Mints in the United States. They’ve been making high quality silver bullion products since 1973, and they are both well-known and widely trusted today. If you’re looking for excellent silver bullion with an appealing design or a piece for a special occasion, Silvertowne might be just the Mint for you.

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SilverTowne Mint Police Officer Blue Line Enameled American Flag Design 1 oz Silver Proof Like Bar GEM Prooflike
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SilverTowne Mint Prospector Design 10 oz Silver Bar GEM BU
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SilverTowne Mint Eagle Design 5 oz Silver Bar GEM BU
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SilverTowne Mint 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round GEM BU

Silvertowne Mint Products

Many collectors and stackers today are familiar with Silvertowne’s first original design, the Prospector series. Silvertowne has minted a number of silver bullion products with this classic design. This iconic image captures the spirit of the American prospectors of the 1800s. A lone prospector is shown pressing forward with his pack mule in tow.

The Silvertowne Mint lineup has expanded quite a lot since the introduction of the original Prospector silver bars. Today, their standard lineup also includes a Native American design loosely based on the Buffalo nickel, as well as a Saint-Gaudens round and a number of patriotic designs. They offer a variety of silver rounds, minted bars, and poured bars. In fact, they have actually modified some of their well-known silver rounds to make them stackable.

While they aren’t as well-known as the standard Silvertowne lineup, there are also Silvertowne bullion pieces for almost any occasion you can think of. They offer seasonal and holiday products, wedding themed silver bullion, silver for anniversaries, pieces to celebrate new babies, and an array of religious and patriotic bullion. In addition to these silver bars and rounds, Silvertowne also makes some solid silver bullets. These unique pieces come in several weights, each caliber they offer is a different weight. For example, the silver .50 BMG is 10 oz. and the silver .308 is 2 oz. As far as private Mints go, Silvertowne’s lineup is among the widest,with the sheer number of special occasion pieces they offer, in addition to their standard products.

Silvertowne Mint Quality

It’s no accident that Silvertowne is quite well-known today. They have focused on providing high quality products on a consistent basis from the start. Today they are trusted by many collectors and dealers. All of their silver bullion boasts a fineness of .999. Purity is always important, but their focus on quality strikes and designs is also evident in their finished products.