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While many are not directly familiar with the Shenzhen Mint, many are very familiar with their coins. Formally, the Shenzhen Mint is known as Shenzhen Guobao Mint Co. Ltd and is part of the China Mint. This Mint is located in China and is a division of their central bank, the People’s Bank of China. China’s Shenzhen Mint strikes some of the world’s most desirable bullion coins. They have a strong focus on product quality and these priorities are appreciated by collectors and stackers everywhere. Coins from the Shenzhen Mint are an excellent choice if you want to add a high quality Chinese Coins to your collection.

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Shenzhen Mint Coins

The Shenzhen Mint strikes a wide variety of coins each year. However, the most well-known are certainly the Chinese Silver Panda and the Chinese Gold Panda. These coins were introduced in the early 1980s and quickly gained popularity around the world.

Both the Gold Panda and the Silver Panda are known for their annually changing reverse design. Many bullion coins from around the world feature the same design year after year and the Chinese Panda series really stands out because of this feature.

The Chinese Silver Panda was initially only offered with a proof finish, but a few years after the series began the annual bullion version was introduced. These coins are made of .999 fine silver and are available in a variety of sizes. Previously, their weights were given in troy oz. like other bullion coins. However, this changed a few years ago when China began using metric weights for the Panda coins. For example, the replacement for the 1 oz. Silver Panda is the 30 g Silver Panda. The difference between them is that the 30 g Silver Panda is 1.1 g lighter than its 1 troy oz. predecessor.

Like the Silver Panda, the Chinese Gold Panda is in demand among both collectors and stackers. These coins are made of .999 fine gold and also come in a variety of sizes.

Shenzhen Commemoratives

The Chinese Gold Panda and Chinese Silver Panda are the most well-known coins struck at Shenzhen, but China issues a number of commemorative coins each year as well. Many of these are also struck at Shenzhen. Some recent examples include the Dazu Rock Carving Coin series , the 2016 Love and Harmony heart shaped coin, and the 2016 Year of the Monkey coins. Chinese commemoratives from the Shenzhen Mint can be a challenge to find, but many collectors seek them out because of their mintage figures and impressive designs. Quite a number of these commemoratives have unique shapes, such as the fan, heart, and scalloped edge.

Shenzhen Mint Coin Quality

Like many other sovereign Mints, rigorous quality control measures are in place at Shenzhen Mint and it shows in the quality of their coins. The Chinese Gold Panda and Chinese Silver Panda both have brilliant uncirculated finishes. However, if you place one of them next to another brilliant uncirculated coin, the Pandas often appear to have a better finish that sometimes approaches proof quality visually. This is the kind of quality that collectors have come to expect from Shenzhen Guobao Mint.

A few surprises as far as design changes or the lack thereof have been released over the years. However, China has historically been quick to listen to and implement feedback from collectors.